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New review of self-employment

Last week the government announced an independent review of self-employment, to be carried out by Julie Dean OBE, founder of the Cambridge Satchel Company.

The review is going to:

  • explore why people opt to be self-employed as well as the different types of work that they carry out, including freelancing professionals, sole traders and those who are employed but also work for themselves;
  • look into the challenges and issues faced by people who are self-employed, especially when setting up or developing their business; and
  • recommend how the UK can create a more flexible and supportive environment.

There is no specific mention that this review is going to focus on the self-employed tax status, but it is unlikely that this will not feature. In our experience, an individual’s tax status is one of the biggest issues for the self-employed.

Creating a more supportive environment is in stark contrast to the approach adopted under the previous coalition, which implemented the Section 44 legislation to restrict when someone can work as a self-employed individual.

Has the new all-Conservative government had a change of heart when it comes to self-employment, and is this review the first steps to embracing the self-employed workforce and truly providing a “flexible and supportive environment” for self-employment to thrive? Only time will tell, but we may get a decision sooner than you might expect… On Wednesday 8th July, the first budget of the new government will be set out.

If the budget, includes recommendations set out in the OTS’s review it would be a sign that the government is sticking with its previous course, if not it might be an indication that the government are going to adopt a holistic approach to dealing with self-employment and will wait for Julie’s recommendations.


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